Lessons Learned

Not serious lessons, but they still count.

Lessons learned last week:

Lesson #1: If the barista at Starbucks ask you if you’d like your passion tea lemonade (or whatever drink you’re ordering) sweetened or unsweetened, don’t say, “Uhhhh…sweetened,” or “Um…sweetened,” because there’s a chance they’ll take that as “unsweetened,” even though there was a slight pause between the “um” and the “sweetened!” I do this every time, and I don’t know why! Most of the time they still sweeten it. Sometimes it requires clarification and they’ll say, “Did you say unsweetened?” and then I’ll reply, “Sweetened,” confidently. So, why couldn’t I have said it confidently the first time? It’s not like the question is catching me off-guard; I know it’s coming! However, last week, the barista didn’t sweeten it, assuming that I had said “unsweetened.” It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t as good as usual. Maybe I should just start saying, “A sweetened passion tea lemonade,” or “Passion tea lemonade, sweetened,” if that’s what I’m ordering!

Lesson #2: Avoid getting Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on your clothes, especially if they are brand new and you really like them and wear them to work. Maybe it was the type of material my shirt was made of, or maybe it was the fact that I didn’t wash it until the next day so the stain had time to set in, but it would not come out of my new shirt. Luckily I was able to go back to the Outlets and get a new shirt (they had the same color and same size, and it was on sale since it wasn’t such a new style anymore!). But, to save yourself to the trouble, hide the Butt Paste before putting the child on the changing table if they’re old enough to grab it, take the lid off, and squeeze it out by themselves! [To clarify, I was babysitting when this happened; I don’t have any children yet. That would require me finding a man to help me create them first! And, you know, hopefully marrying him and stuff first, but I know it doesn’t always happen in that order.]

Lesson #3: Wage war against the spider that may or may not be living in your car. For a few days there was a spider web from my windshield to the dashboard and if it caught the sunlight at the right angle I would notice it and I kept saying that when I parked the car I’d have to do something about it, but I was always in such a rush that I’d forget until it happened again. So, one day on my way home from work I took off my shoe (I was wearing flats) and broke the web. I had never seen the spider so I figured the problem was solved! Until the next afternoon when I got back in the car and the web was there again! Up until this week it hadn’t really been nice enough to leave your windows open, so I didn’t have them down when I parked or anything so I assumed the spider must have been in the car, but I still hadn’t found him. Again, I used my shoe to slash the web and kept driving. The next day it was back! I was like, “This is it little spider! Where are you? I’m gonna find you!” I was okay with letting him live, just not in my car where he could climb onto me or into my purse or something! I broke the web with my shoe again and made sure there were no traces of it left at all. Since then the web hasn’t returned. I’m assuming the spider got my message and left the car. Or he died. But the first thought is a little friendlier!


6 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. The spider one cracked me up. Out of all the bugs, they’re the ones that I dislike most … there’s just something especially creepy about them. I wouldn’t have been okay with one traveling around my car, either 😛

  2. Spiders totally freak me out, and what sucks is that they’re always getting into my apartment. Once a spider literally crawled onto my lunch plate, which made me lose my appetite and nearly made me break the plate in my attempt to kill the spider.

    • Yikes! I don’t like big spiders, but smaller ones are okay…as long as I find them and get rid of them quickly. I don’t like it when I wake up and find a bug in my room because I don’t know how long he’s been there and he could have crawled on my bed or something!

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