Open Letters: Part 2

You wooed me during a free communication weekend last month. I wasn’t planning on signing up for a dating site until the end of June, but I really liked your ice breakers and there were good guys on the site that I actually liked. Plus, you were cheaper than the other site I was looking at. Why am I now disappointed that I paid for a three-month subscription? Maybe because I haven’t had any conversations with guys since I started. I’m sure you’ll say it’s the my profile isn’t enticing enough, but I don’t want to lie in my profile; I want to be honest with the guys who are my potential future dates. Also, I’ve never had any problem getting guys to talk to me on other dating sites with that profile. I used a free site for a year or two and had plenty of guys talking to me. I wasn’t necessarily interested in them, so I wanted to try something new. Here I am trying this new thing though, and it’s not working out too well! I wish I could transfer my account to for the remainder of my time and see if I have any luck over there. I’ve spoken to other people who have had the same problem as me; they said that many of the guys on the site don’t pay to be a member so they can’t contact you until a free communication weekend. We have no way of knowing which guys are paying though, which isn’t really fair to the people who are paying because I could be waiting for replies that won’t come for weeks because the guy can’t even see my message until a free communication weekend. There should be something on their page denoting whether or not they pay for the site. I’m assuming that can’t be the only problem though; there have to be some guys paying for this site! One of them contacted me and I replied and then I never heard back. Others I’ve made the first move and e-mailed them and I haven’t gotten any replies. This isn’t helping my self-esteem! I’m not expecting to find my future husband during a 3-month period, but I was hoping to at least go on a few dates. With the amount of money I’m paying, it’s quite frustrating to not be getting any responses. I realize you can’t be held accountable for all of that, but I think there should be something I can do to either get my money back or transfer to your affiliate site because I keep thinking my luck on this site will change, but after a month I still haven’t even had one conversation so I don’t know if I can expect things to completely turn around in the next two months! Apparently I just don’t have any chemistry with your site, so I think it’s time that we break up. I’m sure you’ll find some new customers and hopefully I’ll find a date.
Thank you for understanding,

Dear Abercrombie & Fitch,
I waited almost 20 minutes on line in your store yesterday to buy a gift card due to the fact that you only had two registers open and the cashiers also had to answer the store phones and figure out scheduling conflicts with other employees. This wasn’t helped by the fact that the people ahead of me must have bought half of the store! I’m very glad I don’t have to pay their credit card bill. I didn’t see the amount, but based on how long the purchase took and how many folded items went into those bags, it probably wasn’t too pretty! Aside from that, your music selection wasn’t the best; I couldn’t decipher most of the lyrics to the songs I heard, and the guy behind me decided that he wanted to “sing” along, but didn’t know the words either so basically it just sounded like he was moaning. At a distance that might be okay, but no, he had to stand so close to me that if I put my hand on my hip it was touching him. I realize that all of these odd customers are not your fault. I eventually purchased my gift card, double checked to make sure it would work at both Abercrombie & Fitch and the Abercrombie kids’ store (because it’s for a girl I babysit, and I’m not sure which one she shops at), and then went on my way. The card comes in a little envelope so I felt no need to look at it until this morning when I checked to see if the value of the card was anywhere on it. The image on the card hadn’t even crossed my mind. I assumed it would be a navy blue card with a little white moose on it. I don’t know why I assumed that. I was wrong. The picture on there is totally fine for my 24-year old self who purchased the card, but it’s for a 12-year old and it’s not so appropriate for her!
I’m sure she’s seen worse on TV, Facebook, or YouTube and luckily her mom will be okay with it, but I still feel a little awkward about giving a 12-year old a card with a half-naked man on it! It would be okay if his pose wasn’t so suggestive with that hand so low. I just would’ve preferred a little warning that if I wanted a more PG gift card then I should have gone next door to the kids’ store.
Sorry for sounding prude,

I could write an open letter to Verizon also, but I’m so confused by the whole thing now that it would just say, “Dear Verizon, Don’t even get me started!” We went to get my mom an iPhone yesterday and it was unnecessarily complicated and didn’t end up happening. While writing this post I discovered that I like open letters. I can vent whatever and yet it’s not directed at anyone so I’m not being mean, and it’s kinda fun.

Here is part 1 if you missed it!


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