Question: Where have I been?

Answer: Working and stuff, I guess! I have a lot of ideas for posts I want to write, but I just have to actually sit down and write them.

Also, I’ve been blogging more on tumblr than here because more people have tumblr and are more likely to read it, I guess. I’ve been posting shorter posts there, but I’ll probably post some that are more like the past few posts I’ve written here. And I may cross-post the entries from there to here, or from here to there or something. I haven’t decided yet if I’m giving up on this blog and moving over there, or if I’m gonna keep this blog and just link to it on tumblr. Right now I’m giving blogging on tumblr a chance and I’ll see how it goes. So, click here to read the past few posts on my tumblr. And let me know if you like reading it better there or if you’d prefer to read it here. I’ll eventually make a decision, but right now I’m mostly blogging over there. I really like Word Press though, so I may end up back here. I don’t know. I think most people who read this are already following me on tumblr, but I wanted to let you all know anyway!


5 thoughts on “Question: Where have I been?

  1. I didn’t notice your posts on tumblr but that’s cause I didn’t know to look for them and I usually just look at the pictures… not that I know I’ll add it to my reader. Only thing is there doesn’t seem to be a way to comment of your posts, idk if that’s intentional…

    • I don’t know if i’m following you on tumblr; I’ll have to check! Also I’ve been so bad at reading.commenting on blogs since work started so I have to get back to that, lol. I have to figure out how to add things to a reader. Is yours Google reader? I’ve heard of that, but I have no idea what it actually does. I have to Google for more info, I guess! That’s the one thing that really bugs me about tumblr! There’s no way to comment, other than using the ask box. But still it’s not the same. Apparently you can add Disqus, which allows comments, if it doesn’t mess up your layout and if you sign up for it and can figure out how to add it, haha. So I’m probably gonna add that next weekend-ish (as long as I can figure out how!). But I might just cross-post here. I don’t know! I wish tumblr had a comment feature, not because I get a ton of comments, but because I want to comment on other peoples’ posts and I can’t and it annoys me! lol.

      • You should check your settings because I think you can allow people to respond. Tho I know the tumblr settings are annoying to figure out how to do stuff. Google reader is pretty awesome, you can automatically follow blogger blogs with it but also if you go to it, you can add other stuff by clicking “add a subscription” and pasting in the url. Whats nice is that it will store all the posts so you don’t have to go through links and try to remember where you left off and it remembers which ones you read already.
        this is me:

  2. Every time I try tumblr, I forget about it! I just can’t get into it and I don’t know why. Maybe I just don’t really understand it. I can’t determine if it’s for posting stuff or blogging or what, so I just re-blog. Your tumblr is so pretty! I suck. lol

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