I’m ba-ack!

I had decided to move this blog over to tumblr in hopes that it’d somehow encourage me to post more because I think of a “blog” as being a more serious thing, where I have to post entries that are lengthy and actually good, whereas on tumblr I can post a random conversation and that’s an acceptable post. It’s also easier to post pictures and stuff there. However, the move didn’t seem to motiavte me to update more often at all! So, I decided to come back to WordPress. As far as motivation, I’m still working on that (well, I have motivation but I lack follow-through!). I’ll still use my tumblr for random short posts that are unimportant (although, maybe I could take the blog thing less seriously and post silly things here sometimes too) and I’ll probably post click-through links on there to posts that I write here. I should start posting here again pretty soon. I have some posts written that just need editing, some others that aren’t written but I have ideas for, and I think I’ll probably end up doing some spur-of-the-moment posts if the ideas come at a time when I’m near my computer! Right now I need to re-do some things on here and get used to the new options/placements of things on my dashboard!


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